18th Annual Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence
12 October 2008
University of Reading, Reading, UK

Results and Transcripts

Fred Roberts
and Artificial Solutions

1st Place

Eugene Goostman

2nd Place

Ultra Hal
Robert Medeksza
3rd Place
Rollo Carpenter

4th Place

Brother Jerome Peter Cole & Benji Adams
5th Place


Loebner Prize Team at University of Reading

Organiser: Professor Kevin Warwick http://www.kevinwarwick.com/

Coordinator: Huma Shah  http://humashah.blogspot.com/

Technical Director: Dr Ian Bland http://www.reading.ac.uk/sse/about/Staff/i-m-bland.asp

Technical Manager: Chris Chapman http://www.reading.ac.uk/sse/about/Staff/c-d-chapman.asp

Contest Day: Tristan Matthews (Masters student, Cybernetics)

MATT message-by-message Communications Protocol Developer: Marc Allan http://www.1bdi.co.uk/matt/

Media Team: Alex Brannen, Dr Lucy Chappell

Behind the scenes leading up to contest day: Carole Leppard, Lucy Virtue, Nellie Round Sandra Ilett

Preliminary Phase Judges during June and July

Scott Jensen, a Marketing Executive from La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA began the judging process in the 2008 Loebner Prize as the first preliminary phase interrogator.

Other judges in this, first stage, were based as far apart as Australia, India, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany Austria and in the UK; they included expert (computer programmer) Chris Tucker and the following:

Pupils from Kendrick Girls School, Reading UK

Andrew McGregor  - Harrow Boys School http://www.harrowschool.org.uk/

Luke Denham

Arnab Majumdar

Petra Gieselmann

Tim Soleil

Hash Ahmed

Iva Fukova

Jutta Weber

Maria La Fosca

Doris Allhutter

Khatira Shikhiyeva 

Elena Poles

Evangelia Chaligianni

Hakki Ozzer

Thomas Joyce

Thomas Roth-Berghofer

Peter Shaw

Sarwar Muzaffar

Luka Crnkovic-Dodig

Roger Duthie

Mark Gasson

Mattie Whitehead

Emma Archibald

Brian Merison

Will Browne

Vesa Karhila

Helen Thomas'

and Students from Reading University